Our Vision

South Africa faces many challenges. It is also a land of many small and big miracles, and despite a difficult past and a challenging future, South Africa is a country with many dedicated educators who want to serve their communities and provide a better future for their children. At Hilltop Legacy we are inspired by the stories of the many school teachers and principals who are proactively working towards that next miracle in the communities they serve.

Hilltop Legacy’s role is to form partnerships with those educators, to support their work, and to help them reach their goals despite limited resources, poor infrastructure, crowded classrooms and the overwhelming socio-economic needs of the communities in which they work.

Hilltop Legacy believes in supporting sustainable change and forming partnerships that can facilitate change and development through mentoring, coaching and networking. Our role is not to lead or to coerce, but to support. We are only interested in positive change, and will only align ourselves to projects that are sustainable, initiated by the schools themselves, and supported by their communities.

Hilltop Legacy’s goal is also to help schools to network with businesses and institutions, and provide the necessary support for change.

At Hilltop Legacy we can assist schools to make a difference by:

  • improving their own school infrastructure
  • team building - networking
  • improving academic performance
  • providing sport and recreation facilities for learners
  • getting parent involvement, and
  • uplifting communities.

Hilltop Legacy’s goal is to “facilitate, empower and let go”. A project is only successful if it is both viable and sustainable in the long run.