On the 17 May 2017, Hilltop Legacy Launch an Afterschool Care Program at Groenheuwel Primary. 

In Paarl East, many children are faced with the challenges of abuse, exposure to gangsterism, drugs and alcohol.  In previous months our team met with parents of learners from Groenheuwel Primary school in Paarl East to assess some of their needs.They identified the most important need as safety for their children after school while they are at work.

Jako Pienaar of Hilltop Legacy met with the Principal of Groenheuwel Primary, the Western Cape Education Department and the School Governing Body to help us formulate a plan.  Everyone was very positive about the possibility of an Afterschool Care Program at Groenheuwel Primary. Here the children can be in a safe environment whilst also being helped with their homework, sport and culture development. With access to the school building we don’t require to build another building, but rather make use of volunteers/staff who would help with tutoring, sports and arts programs. The team would be made up of ex-teachers, parents and high school scholars who does community work to gain credits for university. We have now launched the program with the first group of children!


They are grade 1 and grade 3.  The need is still great but we believe with support and great collaboration we will be making a significant difference. Through the financial contribution of people via our I Coach Bjorn initiative and our Food & Wine fundraiser pairing held at Kikka, we’ve managed to raise enough to launch with 60 kids.  Much effort is being made to ensure we can accommodate as many of the almost 1400 kids at Groenheuwel Primary school, however much more support is needed.  For more information on how to get involved or contribute, please go to DONATE or alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We cannot wait to see how this program will GROW and the impact it will have on these young children!