Who we are



Hilltop Legacy is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of having a positive life-changing impact on Primary school children, their teachers and parents within their community.

Through our leadership, expertise and goodwill we play an active role to bring about positive change at a Primary school by the placement of permanent personnel at the school, thus joining hands with the principal, personnel and parents to work together on a brighter future.

We provide and facilitate the mentorship and coaching to the school's principal and personnel in order to facilitate and motivate change from within themselves and to make a positive contribution in their management and decision process.

We participate in the choice of supporting charities and will co-ordinate their involvement at the school.

We believe that upliftment in a school will only be lasting if it comes from within the children, teachers and parents themselves and it is our goal to facilitate and stimulate positive change by our active involvement in the school community.